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Retire At Any Age (R.A.A.AGE) Workshop

This is the pivotal workshop of all of the products at J.O.E.Y. WORKSHOPS, it is designed to propel individuals onto a path of empowerment, through personal refinement and financial independence. 

The workshop is designed so that anyone can experience success with actionable steps; regardless of work history, education, or current financial situation.

The R.A.A.AGE Workshop is geared to deliver results quickly, utilizing evidenced based approaches, which support, immediate and ongoing financial independence.

The R.A.A.AGE workshops are now available in a webinar platform, which makes it more convenient for most people to attend.  Webinars allow for you to attend the workshops on your own terms, and process the information, at your own pace.

Total Focus Workshop

Total Focus Workshop is integrated into the R.A.A.AGE Workshop.  The fundamentals of the Total Focus Workshop, reinforce the components within the R.A.A.AGE Workshop.  The tandem concept approach, results in higher success rates for the attendees.  

The R.A.A.AGE Workshop is a more external oriented strategy; where as the Total Focus Workshop has an internal focus. 

The workshop teaches individuals how to extinguish procrastination, effectively set goals, and employ mind mastery techniques; with the collective aim of promoting personal development and financial independence.

The Total Focus Workshop is a hybrid between webinar and in person trainings. 

The Personal Touch

The Personal Touch Program is designed for the person whom desires a one on one level of attention, to help them reach their desired goals.  The Personal Touch Program can be personalized to provide more attention to the empowerment aspects, the financial freedom components, as well as, incorporate a multitude of other personalized goals.  

The Personal Touch Program is highly customizable, to better ensure, compatibility with individualistic needs and goals.

The Personal Touch Program allows an individual to receive guidance over an extended period of time; as they transition to their preferred reality.  

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are the webinars motivational trainings?

No, motivational workshops have their place, but our workshops consists of theories, actionable steps, follow up components, and tangible tools; all designed to support specific immediate and long term success.

The information you will receive in the webinar workshops are simple, but effective strategies which can result in immediate positive outcomes.  

2. Do the workshops involving any MLM, recruiting, or selling related activities?  Absolutely not, the approaches have nothing to do with selling products, recruiting people, advertising, or anything remotely related to such activities.  

The webinar workshops provide individuals with effective strategies which encourage financial freedom, and doesn't include any personal interaction with other individuals.

FAQ Continued

3.  Do I need to possess any special skills or training?  No, you will be given instruction on everything you need to know to quickly work towards financial independence.

4.  What is the next step?  Go to the Contact page and register for the next live R.A.A.AGE Webinar, which are held each Monday at 7:00pm eastern standard time (U.S.).  


Questions for You?

How valuable would it be for you to have complete control over your time?  

How might you spend your time if money wasn't a pressing concern?  

What would it be worth, for you to discontinue living pay check to pay check?

Might you chase a passion, spend more time connecting with loved ones, or travel to distant places.  In your preferred reality however you decide to spend your time, would be completely up to you; which is not a current reality for most of the population.  

Lucky for you and many people like you, you are courageous enough to take action now;, so you can begin living your preferred reality.

We look forward to speaking with you at the next live webinar workshop.


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